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Social Media Management and Digital Marketing Agency

Your restaurant's digital and social media marketing team.

We provide end to end digital services for the F&B industries including photography, PR, social media management, branding, menu design, and more.

Why choose Gourmand Group?

Short Form Video Content

We pay attention to the trends, and we create short form video content that works.

Community and Influencer Marketing

We created an internal community of content creators and influencers that are enthusiastic about the clients we work with.

Professional Images and Graphic Design

We are able to provide high quality, professional photos to the brands that want it. We also are able to deliver on a variety of graphic design and other visual assets.

Who we are

About Our Company

Gourmand [goor-mahnd]: a connoisseur of good food

We love food. And we know you do too. That’s why we’re in this business to get your food in front of more people.

Gourmand Group is a digital marketing and social media management agency serving the restaurant and hospitality industries.

We get that you're busy, and that online marketing isn’t your jam. That’s why we provide end to end services so you can gain back your time and increase your brand awareness and sales.

Our Services

Grand Opening

For the new concept, restaurant, or store-front opening soon.

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Social Media Management + Digital Marketing

Monthly social media management and marketing campaigns.

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Professional Food Photography

Beautiful photos that will make everyone drool.

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More than just social media management.

We're more than just posting on your socials. We come up with a strategy, we have industry knowledge, and we're driven by data. Not only that, but we offer a number of additional digital services to serve your changing needs.

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Content Creation
  • Tracking KPIs
  • Monthly Analytic Meetings
  • Professional Photography
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Managing Local Listings
  • Branding and Logos

How it Works



We’ll collaboratively complete Gourmand Group’s onboarding documents that were specifically designed with you in mind. We’ll conduct an assessment of your business to identify areas of strength, weaknesses, and growth opportunities. In addition, we’ll iron out your voice, branding, first marketing campaign, and more.


A La Carte Services

In need of a new menu design? Graphics for marketing? We offer a wide range of additional services to meet your ongoing needs.


Discovery Call

It’s important that we understand your story, your team, and ultimately, the backbone of who you are.


Monthly Social Media Management

Gourmand Group will take all things social media management off your hands. We’ll create the visual content and written copy along with the scheduling, posting, and engaging.

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Ready to bring your restaurant's digital presence to the next level?